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Drayer Physical Therapy Institute

At Drayer Physical Therapy InstituteĀ®, our philosophy of care is dedicated to consistently providing our patients with the best care and service humanly possible. Our purpose is centered on our patients, not ourselves, ensuring we will always do what is in their best interest.

Our mission is to serve our patients. We are committed to treating each referral promptly with integrity, honesty and compassion. All of our patients receive the same high level of care, regardless of their ability to pay.


All decisions are based on what is best for the patient
Access to care within 24 hours of receiving a referral
Provide the most effective, clinically superior care possible.

Create a welcoming and positive rehabilitation environment
We will not be satisfied with a philosophy that sounds good on paper but is mediocre in application. We will inspect and measure not only our clinical performance, but also our ability to make a difference in our patientsā€™ lives. The measure of our success will be found in the trust that we build and in the hearts of those we heal.

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130-13 Forum Drive
Columbia, SC 29229


Accept gift cards? No

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